APRIL 2024


Garden Style Bouquets That Tell a Story

Sunday, April 10 2022
12:30pm - 1:30pm
Book Signing, Floral Design

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Teresa will demonstrate how to make two different Posies; one with materials collected from a ‘forage’ with various sentiments, and the second with materials purchased from a local flower shop and/or grocery store consumer bunch. She will share tips on how and why we should source local, flower prepping techniques, and then Posy construction—how do you get it to look like a Posy? It’s not difficult! Just a few wise tips and a little practice, anyone can make your Posy picture-perfect, highly memorable and the most beautiful thing you’ve ever gifted someone! Beautiful sentiment tags, ribbons and containers are discussed and combined with actual visual examples. We’ll discuss how the language of flowers can be incorporated into our lives today. This is an open-discussion part of the presentation, and always fun to get the audience involved in sharing ideas and their own Posy recipes.