Alameda County Fairgrounds
APRIL 4 – 7, 2024

The Show Program will identify the garden's location by the numbers listed below.

Portal to California - A Sense of Place

Garden Designer:  April Owens
Garden Creator:  The Habitat Corridor Project, Petaluma, CA
Garden Creator:  Western Gardens Nursery, Pleasanton, CA
Garden Creator:  California Native Plant Society

Garden Description:
The new California landscape. Simple and modern with the use of unique plants that create biodiversity and habitat while looking gorgeous! Dry creek, reclaimed wood, local appropriate plants, sustainable, art in the garden!

Faces of Paradise

Garden Designer: Connie Cummings
Garden Creators: Cummings Landscape & Design, Inc., Byron, CA

Garden Description:
California has many terrains in its natural landscape. Paradise is a word that sets a picturesque view in our minds but can be interpreted differently between each other. Our garden captures three different striking paradise landscape scenes. From the beautiful ornate desert terrain, to the colorful dry Mediterranean vista, ending with a lush flowing waterfall framed in with surrounding foliage for a lavish garden. We will feature a large faux rock waterfall, a decorative "wooden" concrete bridge and other creative items that take the appearance of natural wood but won't decay in any garden.


Divide & Conquer - An Outdoor Living Approach

Garden Designer: Oriol Royo - Royo-Studio, San Francisco, CA
Garden Creator:  Suma Landscaping
Garden Creator:  TAYNR, Container Home Builder, Sacramento, CA

Garden Description:
Leave your stress behind as you enter into our modern retreat. Our garden is divided into unique spaces, each designed to invoke relaxation and tranquility. The inspiration for this installation was to create a space that could be enjoyed all year round, while pushing the seasonal boundaries and inviting guests to spend time outdoors, especially in an urban environment. The design is bursting with rectilinear lines, softened by vegetation with various textures. We created a low-maintenance and sustainable garden by choosing drought-tolerant vegetation, suitable for northern California climates, which doubles as habitat and food sources for pollinators. Unwind and enjoy!

Post Singularity

Garden Designer: Jess Glenn
Garden Creator: Jess Glenn Garden Design, Placerville, CA

Garden Description:
The technological singularity is the hypothesis that the invention of artificial intelligence will abruptly trigger runaway technological growth, resulting in unfathomable changes to human civilization that leads to the destruction of mankind. That is the premise of my garden, where man is gone, and the A.I can no longer support its own power supply. So all technology has been lost and is a return to a paradise for the natural order of things on earth. Where humans have been wiped out, and nature has taken over again.

Urban Artist

Garden Designer:  Dave Brown & Tim Henshaw Plath
Garden Creator:  Dave Brown
Garden Creator:  Line Work Design, San Francisco, CA

Garden Description:
My life has been consumed by music and art, woodworking and gardening. Like yin and yang, I balance the meditative flow of painting with my love for music in an enchanted urban garden This is a place where I can express easily my skills in wood working, music, art and landscaping. Set in the concrete jungle with limited space, this garden is home.

Flora Colossus

Garden Designer:  Moon Rox Studio Artists
Garden Creator:  Moon Rox Studio, Dublin, CA 
Garden Creator:  Gomes Nursery, Oakland, CA

Garden Description:
Groot from the movies, was based on the very real species of tree creatures called Flora Colossus. On their home planet Nibiru (planet X), they have thrived in an oxygen rich paradise. It is here that these creatures call home, and it here that our garden is set in. Emerging from the long cold winter, new growth is seen on this tree father, as he must chase his teenager who has taken the family car out for a joy ride. Even on another planet, simple dramas play out.

Don't Be Koi 

Garden Designer: Jose Deguzman
Garden Creator:  Connie's Pond and Koi, Castro Valley, CA
Garden Creator:  The Waterfall Guy, Menlo Park. CA

Garden Description:
In the town of Ojiya, in the Niigata Prefecture on the northeastern coast of Honshu island, a silent legend was born. It was in 1820 that Emperor Ninko, the 120th ruler of Japan, commissioned the breeding of the “Nishikigoi”, or Koi as we know them. In the koi world it doesn’t pay to be coy, only the brightest and showiest specimen would be selected for breeding to secure their family line. Here in this Koi oasis, full of water plants and oxygenating water features, we have created a true aquatic paradise. With the proper conditions carefully planned, these friendly fish can live up to 200 years. So don’t be coy with these old souls, reach out and say hi to Cyprinus Carpio…the friendly Koi.

Crescendo of Calm in Chaos

Garden Designer:  Iftikhar Ahmed
Garden Creator:  Treeline Designz, San Francisco, CA, Seattle, WA

Garden Description:
Imagine a contemporary outdoor garden room where as soon as you enter your spirit and body will be lost in the fragrance and meditation and will give you the spiritual pleasures.  Intimate ambience forms a key element in ensuring continual use, whether chilling on a lounger, reading or pottering around. The warm California courtyard microclimate enables broad flora diversity, where we tailor varied foliage palettes and textures to distinguish a unique style of outdoor living. The courtyard garden creates a sense of privacy and enclosure, and garden elements such as handmade sculpture by a well-known sculptor, locally grown varieties and reflecting pond and art divert attention from everyday stresses. This urban sanctuary encourages an inward journey of meditation and contemplation. Natural materials and handcrafted art meld the energies of the earth and the spirits of the artists into a tranquil, healing setting.

Baggin's Bungalow

Garden Designer: Nelson Manuel
Garden Creator: Tropical Gardens, Sunnyvale, CA
Garden Creator:  Dells Ivy Acres, Sunol, CA

Garden Description:
On the northwest coast of Eriador, in the kingdom of Arnor, there is a coastal Hobbit getaway. If you travel west from the Shire, past the Far Downs, in what is now known as North Wales, you will come across the Baggins Bungalow. Built from exotic materials traded from sea faring explorers, the Baggins family created their coastal vacation home here in the grassy bluffs. Come on in, and see where tropical meets Hobbit hole, at the “Baggins Bungalow”.

Genius Loci - Spirit of Place

Garden Designer: Cash French & Warren Leiber
Garden Creator:  Bay Area Waterscape, LLC, Walnut Creek, CA
Garden Creator:  Leiber Landscapes, Walnut Creek, CA

Thor's Hammer

Garden Designer: Erik Jiminez, Ben Goulart
Garden Creator: Goulart Design, Hayward, CA 
Garden Creator:  Clark's Home & Garden,
Union City, CA
Garden Creator:  Erik Jiminez

Garden Description:
From paradise in heaven above, Thor’s Hammer has fallen from a celestial battle, and crash landed down on earth. Smashing and scorching the earth, it has exposed lava through the cracks. Smoke rises up, as it smolders from the violent impact. In Norse tales, the thunder gods hammer was forged in the heart of a star, and had the power to level mountains. It is said “whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor!” So, take a try….and see if you are worthy. 


Garden Designer:  Gerard Minakawa
Garden Creator:  Bamboo DNA

Garden Descripton: 
Nature's most perfect building materials do not need enhancements! Upon entering this 4 story, 40 foot tall stunning Pagoda, you'll experience paradise "re-framed". Venture into the heart of this seamless marriage between art and engineering to experience the sheer beauty of the nature's most beautiful, sustainable building material, bamboo. Linger a while and gaze upwards to appreciate stunning temple-like atmosphere.

San Francisco City College

Garden Designer:  Horticulture Students of San Francisco City College
Garden Creator:  San Francisco City College, San Francisco. CA

The Wine Garden

Garden Designer:  John Bos
Garden Creator:  Dutch Hollow Farms, Modesto, CA 

 Garden Description:

Not quite a garden but definitely a refreshing respite.  Here you can find a light snack, varietal wines and craft beers.  Set back and enjoy the beautiful spring flowers supplied by Dutch Hollow Farms of Modesto and the amazing array of gardens before you.  For a special treat join KRIS WINES for wine tasting Saturday and Sunday.